My work as an artist and educator

My artist practice is by an ongoing effort to explore and understand – capturing thoughts, concepts, and reality into a piece of work. Inspired by emotion, nature, and science, I am constantly seeking new ways to express myself, explore media and colors, and incorporate textural elements.

The process of creation is a constant challenge of balancing perception, elements, and expression. My work is an effort to find joy and gratitude at the moment, creating new questions, and developing an awareness of my artistic journey.

Kaaren Thompson

Kaaren Thompson

K-12 Art Educator

I am a designer and photographer teaching in the Rochester, NY area. My educational experience spans 15 years as an art educator, technology specialist, and administrator. As a professional artist, I have worked with clients ranging from small businesses to international manufacturing companies utilizing my skills as an artist to define the end user experience for specific products and design interfaces. I continue to develop and grow professionally as a teacher, advocating and collaborating with professionals in the Rochester region.

Digital websites

Brochures, Flyers, Presentations


Words and Images

Drawing and Illustration


Sculpture and Ceramics