control and craftsmanship

The more we develop proper skills, techniques and control, the more we can expand upon our knowledge before our creativity can soar. Watch this video to better understand they “why” behind “staying in the boundaries”, essentially it’s so an artist can “break the boundaries”.

The Basics

of coloring

Control, direction, pressure. This video highlights the basics of coloring. Once you can master control, direction and pressure, you can build on your art skills.

How to

blend two colors

Learn how to blend two colors from one hue to another hue using analogous colors.

How to

Use Scissors

Know the basic safety of scissors and how to use your helper hand and cutting hand. 

How to

setup a watercolor station

Make the most of your workspace. Being organized at the beginning will allow you to efficiently move from one color to another, keep your brush clean, and experiment more effectively.

How to

Use basic watercolor techniques

Wet on wet and Wet on dry, two very basic techniques of watercolor that give different effects.