How can we use lines to make unity and rhythm?

Project Focus?

What elements of art and principles of design does this project focus on?

I Can

What you should be able to do through the classes of this project

I can

I CAN create a maze using repeating lines and shapes


The steps

Staring out

  1. Draw the outline of the outer shape
  2. Identify the START and the END of your maze
  3. Break down the shape into other shapes. Squares, rectangles, circles triangles.
  4. Repeat those lines so they never cross

Creating the Maze Pathway

  1. Use a pencil and draw your path if there were walls. (Be sure to draw lightly. As you will want to keep your path a secret and will have to erase).
  2. Lock the pathways with a simple line
  3. Open the pathways (where your line travel) with an eraser

Trace around with a sharpie

  1. Erase neatly any left over lines
  2. Add any other shapes or lines needed.