How does salt effect the use of watercolors??

Project Focus?


Look, what do you see happening when two media interact?

I Can

What you should be able to do through this project

I can

Make observations closely and see how media reacts to other materials. 


I can

Draw and experiment with a different media such as glue and salt.



  1. Use your glue and put 5 or 6 dots on the paper.
  2. From each dot draw lines shooting out from the center.
  3. Pour salt over the glue, and shake any excess on top (reapply salt if needed to cover the glue completely).
  4. Wake up your water colors with a paintbrush, you will want your paint to have lots of water (soupy/runny)
  5. Now use your brush to drip paint onto the salted glue. How does the color travel? What happens when you mix the colors? 
  6. Set aside in a safe place to dry, and you will notice how the crystals in the salt sparkle, taking on the color.

Materials Needed

  • Card stock* (recycled cardboard box works well)
  • Squeeze bottle of glue (such as Elmers)
  • Table salt
  • Liquid watercolors or food dye
  • Paint brushes