What is a contour of a shape?

Overlapping silhouettes of found objects


I can trace AROUND different shapes, making an interesting arrangement (COMPOSITION).

I can OVERLAP my shapes, making new shapes of positive and negative space.

I can use MEDIA to add color, patterns or texture rubbings in each shape to add to my artwork and create interest. 

Material OPTIONS

To draw with – crayon, pencil or chalk
Options to draw on – paper or a sidewalk
Media to use – crayon, markers, watercolors, pastels, chalk
Objects to cast a shadow – toys, kitchen utensils, hands or standing people


Take two or three of your toys, a piece of paper and a pencil or marker outside on a sunny day, or use a light source.
Place the paper on the ground or on a table in an open area.
Place your toy or object at one side of your paper so that your toy casts a shadow/silhouette on the paper.
Trace the EDGE OF THE SHADOW/SILHOUETTE created by the object on your paper.
Repeat with 3-5 objects (or the same for repetition), allowing the shapes to overlap and create new shapes.
Use your MEDIA to color in each shape using color, texture or pattern
Each shape on the page (even the background) should have its own color, texture or pattern. 


Take a photo and submit on Schoology or email me at kaaren_thompson@westiron,monroe.edu