What is a street artist?

A street artist is a person who makes art in public places.

Project Focus?

What elements of art and principles of design does this project focus on?

I Can

What you should be able to do through the classes of this project

I can

I can create a heart using symmetry


I can

I can emphasize 1 or 2 shapes in my drawing. 


I can

I can arrange my shapes to make an interesting composition, and add character to my drawing.



Make a plan - a sketch

Create 5 hearts that are overlapping, use all of your paper, and go off the page. 

2. Use a variety of sizes

Must use 5 – 10 shapes (HEARTS)

Show emphasis

Who is the STAR of your show – Show emphasis

1. Use all of your paper

Go off the page and overlap your characters.

Develop character and details

Use the packet and add character to your drawing.