How can I draw the lifecycle of a flower?

I can create artwork inspired by nature.

I can draw a horizon line and show my plant above and below the ground.

I can use line, color, and shape.

  1. Listen to the Read-aloud – The Tiny Seed
  2. Create your tiny seeds drawing –
    1. be sure to add the Horizon Line,
    2. use LINE for roots
    3. SHAPES to add your seed, stem, leaves and flowers.
  3. What other details can you add to your picture?
  4. Are there creatures under the ground in the soil?
  5. What is the weather like outside?
  6. How can the plant get food?

Step by step

  1. Draw the horizon line (your eye level)
  2. Draw your seed
  3. Draw the roots that are growing down below the earth.
  4. Draw the stem coming from the seed
  5. Add your flower with petals
  6. Add leaves to your plant so your flower can get food from the sun and water.
  7. Add color to your drawing using any sort of media