Weaving concentric circles

Weaving is a process in which two or more fibers - the warp and the weft - interlock to make useful objects, like cloth and baskets. This project expands our knowledge to build on a circular structure.

Project Focus?

What elements of art and principles of design does this project focus on?

Word Wall







I Can

What you should be able to do at the end of an instructional period.

I can

paint my loom using concentric circles and add pattern.


I can

Create the warp of my loom to weave the weft.


I can

Repeat line and color in my weaving to create pattern.



Part 1 – Preparing your loom and painting

  1. Mark your edges and cut – Use a template, and mark 19 notches on the edge of your plate, cut each notch, no about 1/2 cm.
  2. Paint your plate from the inside out – Using a paper plate, paint CONCENTRIC circles starting from the inside moving to the outside.
  3. Add Pattern – Using lines and dots, add pattern around your CONCENTRIC circle to create more interest.

Part 2 – Making the warp for your loom and weaving the weft.

  1. Make the warp of your loom – String your loom in the star pattern.
  2. Begin the weaving using your weft – Using the dangling string that is hanging, start weaving by moving the string over and under around in a circle.
  3. To change colors – tie a new string to the weft and continue weaving. 
  4. Add unique elements or embellishments – thread beads, or other objects onto the string as you go.
  5. Finishing your weaving – Complete your work by adding a yarn to the back, tying a loop and taping it.