Weaving paper patterns

Weaving is a process in which two or more materials can interlock and make useful objects like clothing or baskets. By interlocking the materials, they become strong and structured.

  • Weaving
  • Loom
  • Warp (lines on the loom)
  • Weft (materials woven into the warp)
  • Opposite
  • Pattern

  • Construction Paper 8×11
  • Paper strips
  • Scissors
  • Samples
  • Demo weaving paper

  • Art can be created from a variety of materials
  • Weaving is an art form that is both function and form
  • Weaving is an ancient craft used by many cultures
  • Weaving focuses on the element of art FORM

I CAN ...

Use the A – B Pattern to create a weaving.

PART 1 – Painting


  1. Paint a piece of paper, using a variety of lines and colors
  2. After it’s dry cut into 8 even strips


PART 2 – Create the Loom


  1. Make a stop line on the paper using a ruler or straight edge
  2. Fold paper in 1/2
  3. Cut into the paper from the folded edge to the stop line at 1/2   |   1/4   |   1/8

PART 3 – Weave your paper strips


  1. Use your painted paper strips of paper and follow a pattern.
  2. Over and under A/B pattern
  3. Next line follow the pattern but opposite B/A